Company Profile

Kemofina AG, headquartered in Zug Switzerland, is an international soft commodity trading corporation, specialized in sourcing cocoa beans and acting as a supplier to the cocoa processing and chocolate industries globally.

We actively originate cocoa from Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s two major producers, as well as from Ecuador which altogether account for seventy percent of the total global output.

Kemofina AG is a member of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce UK (FCC), the Cocoa Merchants' Association of America (CMAA) and European Cocoa Association (ECA).

We effectively add value to confectionary industries by participating at numerous stages throughout the supply chain from beans to semi-finished products. Our operations consist of sourcing, exporting, trading, shipping, managing warehouse & logistics services and delivering as well as of offering array of financing & risk management solutions.

Kemofina AG also implements sustainability projects at the origin level in cooperation with domestic licensed buying companies (LBCs) in Ghana and cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire by closely collaborating with the leading chocolate brands to ensure supply of sustainable & traceable cocoa internationally approved by UTZ / Rainforest Certified and Fairtrade standards.

We also have our dedicated fundamentals research team in the origin countries responsible for field visits, data collection, production statistics and crop projections enabling us to reliably follow crop developments.

Kemofina’s involvement throughout the cocoa supply chain and participation in cocoa origination activities enables us to develop business by combining our strengths at the origin level and directly connecting them to the targeted markets. This integrated model reduces costs, enhances efficiency and optimal use of our resources – benefits that accrue to our valued customers.

Our operations have been carefully organized at every level including a stable capital base, conservative risk management and diligent corporate governance, further reinforced by financing facilities structured with the first-class corporate & investment banking institutions. Kemofina positions itself as a reliable and credible counterparty committed to developing longstanding strategic partnerships.


FCC ECA CMAA UTZ RFA Fairtrade CCC Cocobod CMC Ghana UK FCC ECA CMAA UTZ RFA Fairtrade CCC Cocobod CMC Ghana UK

Our philosophy

“Our philosophy is fully dedicated to the growth of sustainability while continuously adapting to the supply chain challenges in growing and trading of cocoa. We have a great passion for cocoa and we aim to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business model”